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VPL Healthcare is one of the leading human resources companies that provides creates and delivers innovating solutions with great impact, allowing its clients from the healthcare field to reach their business goals and to enhance their competitiveness. Also, helps its clients to benefit from the services of the best professionals in the medical field. The solutions offered by VPL Healthcare cover a whole area of needs caused by the deficit of talents, from recruitment, evaluation, training and development to career management, outsourcing and management.

Our network includes the delivery of services to successful companies in the healthcare field from the European Community and of the Middle East. As a partner of the medical and pharmaceutical field, VPL Healthcare proposes itself to contribute to the improvement of the quality of healthcare services offered to the community worldwide. Through placement of very well trained personnel we ensure not only the success of our clients but also the improvement of the population’s good health.

Through the development of innovative recruitment solutions in the medical field we wish to bring together not only the professionals but also the top companies from the healthcare industry.