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Executive Search

On a market where the competition is more and more severe, the recruitment of top managers that occupy positions like executive becomes most of the times a real challenge for the companies. The expansion to new markets in the context of globalization implies the assurance of some management teams composed by professionals with international experience. VPL Healthcare proposes to back up the companies from the medical and pharmaceutical industry in their recruitment process of the right managers, at the right time.

Our services of executive search analyze that mix of characteristics, abilities and experiences that the possible occupiers of the job must have according to the necessities and culture of each organization. We try to obtain the balance wanted by the VPL Clients between the compatibility of person-job and person-organization.

Appealing to the services of Executive Search delivered by VPL Healthcare, our partners succeed in obtaining the wanted performance. Each recruitment process is treated as a unique project, analyzing closely the specific needs of each client. With all these, we follow a well defined recruitment methodology that is applied to our actions on Executive Search.