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Externalization of the recruitment process is a service that the companies in the healthcare industry can appeal to when recruiting talents quickly and efficiently. VPL Healthcare can take over the entire recruitment process and workforce management, helping this way the companies to save resources and to obtain the wanted results, in the shortest time. Our team is specialized in personnel recruitment being formed of professionals in the domain that accumulated a vast experience over their career. We guarantee through the use of knowledge and experience of the VPL Healthcare consultants, we will adapt the perfect solutions for your company.      

The benefits of externalizing the recruitment process

Externalizing the recruitment process to VPL Healthcare can be briefed in three words: speed, services and economy.



We all know how important it is for any kind of service to be offered in the shortest time possible and at a superior quality, these days. Our ability of fast recruitment, keeping in mind the requirements of our clients differentiates us and guarantees the success of VPL Healthcare

Our systems and recruitment processes evolve continuously, to help us adapt permanently to the requirements of the market. We are disposed to use our know how to help the top companies from the healthcare industry to identify professionals they need exactly when they need them.



We put our money on the quality of the services we offer to our clients and on the trust from their part. We always respect all the applicants from our recruitment website and we closely attend the needs of each one of them. We succeed to administer the needs of each user of our services.



The effectiveness of our team regarding the personnel recruitment in the healthcare domain leads to a considerable reducing of costs that you would have supported if you would chose to personally employ the whole recruitment process.



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