MCQ and Simulated Surgery Exams

  • There are two parts to the MCQ I&R Learning Needs Assessment; both are designed to assess some of the essential competencies outlined in the National Person Specification and are based around clinical scenarios.

  • If you are sitting the papers for the first time, you will first be asked to complete a Professional Dilemmas (PD) paper, followed by a Clinical Problem Solving (CPS) paper.

  •  The PD paper: 62 items - 124 minutes
  •  The CPS paper: 86 questions - 65 minutes

  • The Simulated Surgery is not primarily a test of knowledge but that of consulting and communication skills. It is intended to be just like an everyday surgery in any general practice.

  •  You will be given a consulting room
  • 10 min appointment slots where you will demonstrate your consulting skills to an assessor

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MCQ and Simulated Surgery Exams

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