GP in England

Your route to join or return to NHS general practice in England 

Induction and Refresher Scheme is a programme designed to provide a straightforward route for EU General Practitioners with or without previous experience in their home country, to be fully inducted into NHS General Practice in England. 

The programme is funded by NHS England, providing applicants with a bursary to support them while learning different approaches to the British General Practice. After that, net income will increase systematically based on periodic skills assessments and professional performance while under the Learning Contract within the I&R Scheme. 

The programme is aiming to recruit at least 2000 GPs from abroad by 2020. Practices involved in the schemes will be offering attractive and competitive salaries. The schemes will also be offering help with relocation for GPs and their families, and on-going support to help them feel at home in England.

You can apply for this international recruitment process if you are:

  • A doctor who has never worked as an NHS GP – you will take the induction route through the scheme.

  • A GP who has previously worked in the NHS but been out of NHS general practice for more than two years and wishes to return to work in England – you will take the refresher route through the scheme.

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Benefits of a GP in England

A medical career in the British Healthcare System includes numerous benefits, as following:

  • Being employed within one of the world’s largest employer dealing with over one million patients every 36 hours. It employs more than 1.5 million people, putting it in the top five of the world’s largest workforces. The other 4 great employers are: US Department of Defense, McDonalds, Wal-Mart and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

  • This recruitment programme, called Induction & Refresher Scheme is offering numerous quality training and development on the following areas: Linguistic Training, Communication Training and Clinical Training. Besides this, you will have also a paid bursary while you work supervised by a GP Trainer. Also, the NHS library can provide information or you can carry out literature searches to support education and training, continuing professional development, research and clinical governance. You can have access to medical databases, purchase books at a discount and have IT access and training.

  • Good standards of payment: Your payment will start from the beginning, even though you are not a General Practitioner with the right to work in the UK (GP registered with the National Performers List). You will be involved in a Learning Programme, your work will be supervised and you will have a paid bursary. Starting with the 2nd and 3rd year, you will be in the position of negotiating your annual salary and you will also have different professional opportunities to join (eg. extra shifts or work for out-of-hours companies).

  • The NHS system might be similar with other European countries, but slightly different from some other countries. In this way, you will start developing new skills and being introduced to new ways of working and organizing your activity. You will also be part in a team of multicultural medical professionals and you will enrich your personal experience and communication skills.

  • You will have a wide range of health needs and you will meet a diverse multi-cultural population. While this experience may seem overwhelming at the beginning, you will develop new skills and reach new standards of performance in your work.

  • The quality of life is high and the UK offers numerous professional opportunities in other working sectors, making this a great chance for the other family members to relocate and start a new life in a country rich in cultural heritage, natural landscapes and variety of urban centers.

  • Range of practices: with the staff shortage the NHS is experiencing nowadays, there are numerous GP Practices willing to recruit overseas General Practitioners. Whether it’s small or large, urban or rural, there are practices ideal for every expectation a doctor might have.

  • Education: most of the locations we are recruiting for have many education centers, from primary sector to universities or they have good connections with greater cities in the neighborhood, offering the full spectrum of needs and a great range of courses for your children.

  • Managing, not being managed – You are in charge of your working day and your own daily activity. While there is still a schedule you must respect, you have the possibility to organize your work, discuss with your team and plan your tasks.

  • Pension Scheme: The NHS scheme is widely acknowledged as being one of the best schemes. Every new employee automatically becomes a member and you will get an excellent package of pension benefits. An NHS pension includes life assurance benefits, voluntary early retirement benefits, ill health benefits and a range of other benefits

Last but not least, you become part of a talented, passionate team of people, committed to providing the best care and treatment to patients. You will also enjoy one of the most competitive and flexible benefits packages offered by any employer in the UK. Everyone who joins the NHS is guaranteed a salary that matches their ability and responsibilities, and given every opportunity to increase it through training and development. On top of your basic salary, you will receive at least 27 days' holiday each year, plus a range of other benefits including occupational health and counseling services.

More info: Alexandra Moraru Popovici | | 0040 (0)730.558.662