Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity for EU GPs in the UK. What's on offer?

  • Very attractive salaries: £70,000 - £100,000 gross / year
  • Permanent, Long-term Contracts
  • Free Accommodation for you and your family for 3 months
  • The opportunity to meet your future employer in the UK before signing the contract (costs for this visit will be covered by NHS)
  • Full assistance with employment paper, bank account, NINO
  • Full assistance with professional registration in the UK

FREE ENGLISH COURSES for EU GPs working in Norfolk, Waveney, Suffolk or North East Essex

  • 3 Months Intensive Free English courses - IELTS / OET preparations
  • Very generous monthly stipend while studying
  • Fees for up to 2 attempts of the IELTS / OET exam will be paid by the NHS
  • Offer Letter will be sent prior to starting the English courses (contracts are secured)

Become an Independent GP in the UK - 3 Steps Approach

1. Learning Bursary: From the first day you will be given a paid bursary, supporting your learning and introduction into the NHS general practice.

2. Paid InductionNext, you will get paid to work under the supervision of a GP until you will gain your independence and start taking your own decisions.

3. Independent GP: In few months from your arrival, you will start working as an Independent GP for a General Practice in England, with direct contractual relation with the NHS!

More info: Mara Oprea | | 0040-730-558-662

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What happens once you arrive in the UK?


▬ Observational Post

  • Description: your activity will be mainly concentrated on your educational training, studying different approaches of the general practice in the British health system. You will be receiving ongoing support to easily integrate into the NHS and to better understand the British health system policy, structure and activity. The training program will be delivered by local GP trainers and coordinated by Health Education England and will support your preparation for the MCQ and Simulated Surgery Exams.
  • Duration: expected to be up to 3 - 6 months
  • Other benefits: up to 4 attempts to MCQ and Simulated Surgery Exams’ costs will be supported by the NHS, subject to a satisfactory progression report.

Supervised GP Work

  • Description: you will start working under a supervised placement and your work will be monitored by a GP named by Health Education England. The results of the 2 exams will help inform the length of the supervised placement to see how much further assessment or training is required. During the placement, the educational supervisor will provide regular feedback and document your activity and progress.
  • Duration: expected to be around 6 months
  • Other benefits: a bursary of £1,250 to assist with the costs of indemnity whilst on the scheme

▬ Independent GP Work

  • Description: following your exams results, the feedback from your supervisor and final approval from NHS England, you will start working independently and unsupervised as a general practitioner in the UK. You will be employed by a GP Practice. You will have your own appointments and you will be able to organize your activity independently.
  • Annually Gross Income: £70,000 - £90,000
  • Other benefits: once you are registered with the National Performers List, you can work for Out of Hours Companies, doing extrashifts


More info: Mara Oprea | | 0040-730-558-662

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Financial, Educational and Relocation Support

▬ Financial Support

  • Salaries starting from £70,000 gross / year 
  • From the 2nd year of activity you can negociate your salary and can reach up to £100,000 gross / year
  • Professional indemnity (one off payment): £1,250
  • Up to £8,500 relocation costs (costs are detailed below)

Candidates applying for Norfolk, Waveney, Suffolk or North East Essex Regions will:

  • Get access to Paid English Courses for 3 months, prior to their arrival in the UK
  • Very generous monthly stipend while studying
  • Have the fees for 2 attempts at the IELTS or OET exam paid by the NHS

▬ Educational Support once in the UK

  • 1 day / week: Language & Communication Training
  • 1 day / week: Clinical Training
  • 3 days / week: work in General Practice


  • Paid Training Programms delivered by local GP Trainers and coordinated by Health Education England in order to easily and fully integrate into the British health system.
  • Training support regarding future assessmets you will need to take (MCQ and Simulated Surgery) - fees for up to 4 attempts are covered by the Scheme, subject to a satisfactory progress report.
  • Activity will be continuously assessed and revised and the programme will be tailored to meet applicants' needs, experience and personal commitments.
  • Candidates applying for Norfolk, Waveney, Suffolk or North East Essex Regions will receive: 3 months free English Training prior to their arrival in the UK

▬ Relocation and Pastoral Support

Amount available

  • There is up to £8,500 available per GP for relocation costs from EEA
  • This is a maximum per GP not a set amount
  • The £8,500 can be spent to meet the GPs individual requirements
  • The £8,500 needs to cover the following aspects of relocation:
    • Relocation
    • Accommodation
    • Transport
  • It is anticipated that the costs will vary between GPs based on a variety of criteria including the areas they are relocating from and the number of family members.


  • These costs are broken down into two categories:
    • Physical transport of people
    • Transport of GPs possessions


  • This is the GP's immediate family (the people that will live in the same home as the GP)
  • The cost is for them to move themselves to their first accommodation in England for one journey
  • This would cover flights, ferry crossing, rail travel, bus or coach travel and / or motoring expenses including vehicle rental
  • Reasonable taxi costs would be included (to and from an airport or station)
  • GPs must consider the class of travel and not take first class travel unless there are no other options available
  • This does not cover:
    • People who are not immediate family (i.e. friends and extended family)
    • Non direct travel to England
    • Further travel once in England


  • This is to cover the accommodation for the GP and their family for up to the first 3 months of their stay in England
  • This includes costs of hotels or similar as well as rented accommodation
  • Storage costs will be covered
  • This does not include for example:
    • Mortgage payments, Mortgage fees or Bank Charges
    • Deposits or rented houses
    • Late rent payments
    • Rent payments for existing rental properties
    • Payments for renovations to new or existing properties
    • Properties outside England
    • Second homes


  • This is to cover commuting costs for the first 28 days in England
  • This covers public transport costs (to and from work for the GP only)
  • This also covers vehicle hire or rental
  • This will also pay for reasonable taxi fare (to and from work for the GP only)
  • This will also cover reasonable fuel costs (to and from work)
  • This does not include:
    • Buying a vehicle or placing a deposit on one
    • Tax or insurance costs of any non hire vehicle
    • Repayments on an existing vehicle
    • Vehicle maintenance
    • Costs of vehicle in home country
    • Driving lessons

More info: Mara Oprea | | 0040-730-558-662

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Locations available

Urban Areas

  • Living in a big city is an amazing experience, with unique and interesting features and great amenities regarding transport, education, lifestyle and. If you are looking to live and work in vibrant cities, urban areas are perfect for you.

Suburban Areas

  • Maybe you are the type of person who enjoys the energetic side of big towns, but you also love living in peaceful and family friendly areas from the suburbs.

Rural Areas

  • If you enjoy more the healthy air, quite, outdoor activities, less traffic and agitation and you are looking to live and work away from the city life you might find a more beneficial alternative in a vacancy from the rural areas of England.

We have current vacancies in the following locations:

  • Hertfordshire and West Essex
  • Leicestershire and Rutland
  • Lincolnshire
  • Milton Keynes
  • Bedfordshire and Luton
  • Northamptonshire
  • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
  • Norfolk, Waveney, Suffolk or North East Essex (Candidates applying for these regions will receive 3 Months Free English courses prior to their arrival in the UK!)


More info: Mara Oprea | | 0040-730-558-662

Watch here a Video Interview with NHS experts and GPs regarding this opportunity!